About Tharien

Tharien Strydom completed an Interior Design degree in 2008 and founded Swagger in 2009 as a part-time business. She has 3 years industry experience; 2 years experience teaching at a design college and hasnโ€™t stopped designing products since the start of Swagger.



Our brand

Swagger Collective is a product and design studio based in Pretoria. We create modern plant inspired homeware, products and dรฉcor.

Swagger collective consists out of 3 departments:

  • Plantware
  • Homeware
  • Baby Products

We also specialise in interior & events, which we make unique through consulting, styling, designing & management.

We strive to keep our products unique, our services affordable and the outcomes creative and to the clientโ€™s request. We love to design and create creative solutions, so please donโ€™t hesitate to ask for help in finding the perfect solution for you!