New Earth Upcycled Products

Since the inception of Swagger Collective, our family has grown in various ways, shapes and forms. One of those is a side venture called New Earth Upcycled Products. You might recognise these as our beautiful pots because it is has been a part of our collection for a while. We are happy to announce that New Earth Upcycled Products is now officially a part of the family.

Our Product

New Earth Upcycled Products are proudly hand crafted in South Africa.  Each product contains 60% recycled materials and slight variances will occur in texture, colour and weight, adding to the natural charm. 

 The products are light in weight and great value for money.

Our People

All New Earth Upcycled Products are produced by a  skills development program focused on creating sustainable job opportunities for previously unemployed individuals.  We train and empower our crafters and provide ongoing training and guidance to ensure a quality end product.

Outdoor use

New Earth Upcycled Products are perfect for outdoor use and the product will not disintegrate. 

You can plant directly into the pot and do not need to drill holes in the pot (although it can be done on request) as the water will drain through the product naturally.

Indoor use

Water wise plants can be planted directly into the pots. Pots are not waterproof, so care must be taken when using indoors especially on wooden services. We also designed our pots in such a way that you can simply drop in a standard pot.  

If you are interested in purchasing New Earth pots a catalogue and price list can be sent via email, just contact us!